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Mike & Elaine W. of Hamilton, ON

Having a sump pump is a good idea if you are prone to a leaky basement. But what happens if that pump dies out or there is a power outage during a torrential downpour (as often happens). What happens to all that water then? Mike experienced that dilemma first hand and the damage and clean-up was enough for him to call Omni Basement Systems for some help. Omni Basement installs the highest quality, cast-iron sump pumps on the market. Along with the pumping systems we offer back-up pump systems and battery powered pumps that operate without the need for electrical power. Mike solved his basement woes with a WaterGuard Drainage System combined with our series of sump pumps designed to get the water out of your basement, even if the power goes out. Omni Basement Systems is here to serve you. Our service area includes most of the greater Hamilton area and surrounding towns. If you have questions about your basement or crawl space problem or want to schedule an appointment for your FREE waterproofing quote and basement estimate, call Omni Basement Systems today.