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Lindsey & Josh R. of Hamilton, ON

The loosened-up, unpacked backfill soil that is used to fill in the space around a houses’ foundation after it is constructed will naturally settle or wash away with each successive rain. That leaves gaps around the foundation where water can pool up and seep into your home. That is exactly what Lyndsey was experiencing.   That reservoir of water created a constant source of trouble until Omni Basement Systems was contacted and a waterproofing system was installed. No more flooding has happened since the installation and the mold problem that had developed has been solved.   There are many factors that can lead to a flooded basement. Cracks in the walls or in the slab flooring, leaky joints where the floor and wall meet, improper wall penetrations for pipes and electricals, and disturbances on the exterior of the foundation can all lead up to a wet basement or crawl space. An interior drain system or crawl space encapsulation system, both with a sump pump and dehumidifier, can eliminate the worries when confronted with the numerous ways water can infiltrate your basement. Call Omni Basement Systems today and set up your FREE estimate.