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Laurie & Brian of Hamilton, ON

Laurie and Brian had a waterproofing system already in place in there basement. It was a simple sump pump system that was supposed to keep their sub-floor space dry. But whenever the basement flooded, it stayed flooded with virtually no drainage happening at all. Sometimes a sump pump alone is just not enough. If the pump cannot handle the load or if the incoming water is greater than the amount the pump is dispersing, then you will have problem. Omni Basement Systems can install a full waterproofing system in your basement. It may be a perimeter drain with a sump pump system, back-up pump, and basement dehumidifier. This would eliminate the liquid moisture as well as the moisture that exists in the air as water vapour. And it could all be installed, under normal circumstances, in a day or two. Omni Basement proudly serves Ontario and the greater Hamilton area. Our long line of basement products has been tested and tried to be the best on the market. By calling or e-mailing us, you can set up an appointment with one of our professional basement technicians for your FREE basement waterproofing estimate.

Laurie & Brian of Hamilton, ON
Tuesday, October 2nd