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Ken M. of Hamilton, ON

Many times we think that basements are supposed to be damp, musty and leaky. But that is not true. Ken put up with his wet basement for years, thinking that was how it was. Basement = damp. Using an entire floor of his home as a living space and having that area compromised by water and its adverse effects made Ken take action and install a waterproofing system by Omni Basement. If you already have a furnished basement and it has a leakage problem, installing a waterproofing system, complete with a sump pump and dehumidifier, will eliminate the moisture problem. Once the problem has been solved, then you can enjoy your basement to its fullest with no worry. Omni Basement Systems serves the greater Hamilton area and surrounding towns in our service area. We provide you with the highest quality products and the finest services, from the beginning phone call to the handshake after the job is complete. Contact us today for your FREE, no obligation, waterproofing estimate.