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Helene - Fonthill, ON

4.5 Star Review

What made you choose our company:

We liked the method of repair, less invasive and the redirection of the water made the most sense to us.

4 Star Review Our Overall Service

Since the foundation crack was at the very front of our house, we were very pleased that a less invasive repair could resolve our problem.

5 Star Review Call Representative

Jocelyn is most friendly, cordial and efficient and she also called 2 days prior to the installation just to confirm the plans.

3.5 Star Review Sales Process

Original installation date was cancelled by Omni because of a plumbing obstruction but I was not informed until I called on the planned installation date and learned of the cancellation. I resolved the situation by hiring our own plumber and coordinating that with the Omni job.

5 Star Review Our Installation Crew

Crew worked fast and efficiently. They laid down mats throughout the interior path to maintain cleanliness.

5 Star Review The Cleanup Process

To keep the basement clean, the crew erected a wall of plastic to contain the dust. I was not expecting this and was very impressed.