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Gary - Welland, ON

4.5 Star Review

very professional, great products!

5 Star Review Call Representative

I am used to expecting a gruff, monotone type of person but was pleasantly surprised at how friendly, courteous and bubbly she was. Great experience.

5 Star Review Sales Process

He was great, explained everything and was very professional

3.5 Star Review Our Installation Crew

While he did a great, efficient job I am knocking this down a few points as he didn't use any safety equipment (especially glasses) when using the jackhammer on the cement and hammering the old stuff off.

5 Star Review The Cleanup Process

Not an issue; he cleaned everything up better than it was before he started

What made you choose our company:

A number of items; I have been seeing your commercials so you were top of mind but then the deal was sealed in my mind after I reviewed the documentation the call representative sent me; it was way more information than any of the other companies provided. Other companies, while I'm sure they do a good job, were simply providing a brief explanation and a quote while Omni Basement systems provided a complete education which I very much appreciated. Thanks for a good job.