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A. K. of Oakville, ON

The repair has been very successful. We have had at least three deluge rainfalls since the repair and there has been zero leakage, whereas before the repair we would have seen rivulets.

Arthur K. of Oakville, ON

Your pricing was very competitive, you gave a great verbal description of the methodology, there is a great warranty and there was also excellent telephone contact. The repair has been very successful. We have had at least two deluge rainfalls since the repair and there has been ZERO leakage, whereas before the repair we would have seen water coming in. I will recommend Omni to all my friends, and family.

Thursday, June 15th

Cathy of Oakville, ON

Happy to have a dry basement now. Thank you!

Monday, June 12th

Clive of Oakville, ON

Good experience with everyone concerned with regards to repairing my basement cracks. Excellent work. The installation crew was fast and efficient. Cleanup was also excellent!

Thursday, October 28th

Gail P. of Oakville, ON

Jeff went the extra mile explaining what would be done in our basement and even though it was a relatively small job, we felt every effort and care was taken. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Thursday, June 15th

Heddy W. of Oakville, ON

David was very courteous, professional, and well-informed.

Wednesday, September 12th

Hossein &. of Oakville, ON

We had a very good experience with your company and we will recommend you to everyone we know.

Hossein &. of Oakville, ON
Thursday, June 15th

J. F. of Oakville, ON

This seemed like a more complete solution than having an exterior excavation. It was a pleasure doing business with Omni. I have never encountered an organization so dedicated to customer satisfaction from the very first phone call inquiring about their services to the follow up after the completion of the job.

Thursday, June 15th

JG of Oakville, ON

Overall satisfaction with all persons involved with both the survey of work to be done, and resultant completion of said work. The installation crew was very professional, and the experience with the office staff was great.

Friday, September 14th

Joanne W. of Oakville, ON

I found from the very first phone call with Omni through to completion, everyone I dealt with was extremely efficient, and pleasant to deal with, and very thorough. The installation crew couldn't have been better. They included me in each step, explaining all as they progressed. I was very impressed. You don't often get this with most companies. Thank you Omni Basement Systems, for making this experience one that I can put in my good memories.

Thursday, June 15th

Paul B. of Oakville, ON

Alessio was awesome- very friendly, honest, and respectful.

Thursday, May 22nd

Ralph P. of Oakville, ON

That was a good job and not a drop of moisture since!

Monday, November 26th

Steve M. of Oakville, ON

Excellent staff- very professional and efficient.

Thursday, July 17th

Steve M. of Oakville, ON

Alessio, just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the performance of the system you installed last year. Basement is perfectly dry, the sump pump after the spring melt was going off hourly and even in drier conditions about every two hours or so. Can just imagine how much water was building up along the outside of the foundation. Very pleased.

Zeljko & Vera of Oakville, ON

Helpful and knowledgeable sales rep. Installation crew were very professional.

Wednesday, July 18th