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A. K. of Oakville, ON

The repair has been very successful. We have had at least three deluge rainfalls since the repair and there has been zero leakage, whereas before the repair we would have seen rivulets.

Aaron S. - Guelph, ON

"Very satisfied, everyone was excellent."

Adrian H. of Vineland, ON

Everyone, from the people receiving the phone call,  to confirming my appointment and providing the estimate were punctual, professional and helpful.

Wednesday, May 14th

Albert - Stoney Creek, ON

5 Star Review

Everything looks fine so far! We will see what happens when it rains or the snow melts!

Alex B. - Waterloo, ON

" They got the work done quickly and thoroughly... Overall, an excellent experience with Omni Basement Systems."

Amanda - Guelph, ON

"I found your company very honest and trustworthy... Thank you very much for your services! I would definitely refer your company or use you again myself if necessary."

Angelo And Susan - Port Colborne, ON

5 Star Review

What made you choose our company:

Because of your triple safe system and the quality of your pumps

Anthony D. of Smithville, ON

You can't help but be impressed with this company. They are very professional which is hard to find in this kind of industry. Our basement is DRY now and there is no longer any worry about the wetness or smells that came from down there. Thanks OMNI!

Arthur K. of Oakville, ON

Your pricing was very competitive, you gave a great verbal description of the methodology, there is a great warranty and there was also excellent telephone contact. The repair has been very successful. We have had at least two deluge rainfalls since the repair and there has been ZERO leakage, whereas before the repair we would have seen water coming in. I will recommend Omni to all my friends, and family.

Thursday, June 15th

B. of Grassie, ON

Very satisfied.

Bill of Welland, ON

Excellent clean-up and great overall job.  They explained what they were doing and very professional on the job.

Tuesday, November 29th

Bob - Burlington, ON

Great job everyone. CHEERS!!!

Brian Q. of Fonthill, ON

Fairly priced, and you were able to provide the services I needed.

Friday, July 18th

Bruno & Pat W. of Fonthill, ON

We are so thankful to have a dry basement - we will certainly have yearly maintenance.

Friday, March 9th

Bruno - Aberfoyle, ON

4 Star Review

Overall Rating: 4  out of 5

C N. of Puslinch, ON

I'm very satisfied with the job that Omni did.  All of the staff were very professional.

Carl and Sandy of Port Colborne, ON

Very thorough.  Very satisfied with the job,and now my home feels more energy efficient, no more crawl space smell.  AC seems to be cool the home more too!

Cathy of Oakville, ON

Happy to have a dry basement now.  Thank you!

Monday, June 12th

Christian E. of Georgetown, ON

Fantastic job.  We will recommend you to everyone we know.

Cindy - Burlington, ON

5 Star Review

Everybody we spoke to or dealt with was professional, informative and efficient.

Clive of Oakville, ON

Good experience with everyone concerned with regards to repairing my basement cracks. Excellent work.  The installation crew was fast and efficient. Cleanup was also excellent!

Thursday, October 28th

Dan G. of St. Catharines, ON

I'm very satisfied with with the job Omni did for us. The installation crew were competent, and the office staff were friendly. 

Tuesday, April 4th

Dana of Milton, ON

It is wonderful after 22 years, to have a clean, dry, useful space to relax and enjoy family. We have a dry basement, without the odours that usually accompany homes that have water or moisture problems. Thanks Omni!

Danny N. - Brantford, ON

"I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone needing this type of work. Thanks for a job well done!" 

Danuta — Dundas, ON

“My anxiety after every rain is over. What a great feeling! My basement looks great and smells dry! I can't even hear this pump working - it's so quiet.”

Darlene - Ridgeway, ON

You were very prompt in replying to my estimate. To date I have still not heard from the other companies I had contacted for an estimate. So far the sump pump has not gone off but I am confident it works well. Thank you for my peace of mind.

Darlene G. of Ridgeway, ON

I was very impressed with everything but when the one fellow stopped to wipe water from their boots on my landing I was so impressed.

Friday, March 16th

Dave & Sharon of Grimsby, ON

Very thorough and efficient installation.  The most efficient process to keep our basement dry.  A very detailed and informative package came in 3 days.

Sunday, August 20th

Dave L. of Vineland Station, ON

I hired Omni Basement Systems because I couldn't find a local company that was as proficient or knowledgable on what my problem was and also respond as quickly.

Monday, April 8th

David - Grimsby, ON

5 Star Review

David explained everything very thoroughly. I have now had the work done by Omni and am very happy with the results!

David - Niagara Falls, ON

5 Star Review

What made you choose our company: products and sales rep.

What type of work did you have done: Basement Waterproofing

Dean - Brantford, ON

"Very satisfied with the job you did for me. The installation crew was friendly, and hard working. Great job on the cleanup, too!" 

Deborah - Hamilton, ON

5 Star Review

Peter and Staff were both professional, courteous and explained what they were doing as they went along. I was pleasantly surprised with basement when they were through!

Debra C. - Cambridge, ON

"My husband and I positively believe our air quality and respiratory problems (constant colds, etc.) was directly related to the ill health of our crawl space. It was the BEST INVESTMENT I've made!"

Derek - Niagara Falls, ON

5 Star Review

Saw your commercial on CHCH. I chose you over the competition because a friend of mine was quoted a similar system and their sales guy seemed to be annoyed he had to quote my friend, so I didn't even bother getting a quote from them. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend your company. Thank you thank you thank you!

Diane A. of Beamsville, ON

Todd was very polite, courteous, and thorough.

Thursday, July 21st

Doug D. and Carol W. of Niagara Falls, ON

My parents were very distraught over the damage to their basement after the flooding. Your staff helped to alleviate their concerns and we believe were very fair with them. They feel very confident that their basement will remain dry. I thank you for doing a wonderful job and will recommend you highly to all friends, family and co-workers. Thanks OMNI for making a difference.

Monday, December 24th

Douglas - Vineland, ON

4.5 Star Review

What type of work did you have done:

Sump Pump

What made you choose our company:

TV ads

Duerden - Oakville, ON

5 Star Review

The guys did a great job!

Eileen t. of St Anns, ON

Love Jocelyn!  Omni gave all the info that I needed with pictures, etc.  Everything was explained thoroughly though I wasn't always sure what he meant.  The other company was at my home for approximately 10 mins, as compared to Dave from Omni who was here for approximately 1 hour. The other company had no pictures other than what he could bring up on his phone which I was not impressed with.  Ryan - very pleasant, explained everything - and very knowledgeable. would want him again if i needed anything else done.

Elaine E. of Burlington, ON

The main reason [I hired Omni] was you listened to my concerns and provided a solution for them instead of trying to sell a lot of things I didn't need. Thank you, thank you! Even the fluorescent lights that [in past] had to be stroked to start due to the humidity now come on instantly! An unexpected bonus!

Elfie F. of Hamilton, ON

Every single time it rained, Elfie's basement would flood. Not only was this a strain on her and her family but it was a strain on her bank account, cleaning and drying after even the slightest storm. After having a perimeter drain system installed- complete with sump pump system- Elfie has had no reported leakage problems, dampness or flooding in her basement.

Elizabeth B. - Kitchener, ON

"There was a huge melt and I found absolutely not one drop of water anywhere in the basement. WOW! What a difference not having to worry as to how much water there will be."

Fausto D. of Burlington, ON

We really needed help with our water problems in our basement. They were a constant worry. Once Omni Basement Systems came in and fixed everything, we now need not worry any longer. We have a totally dry basement. Thanks OMNI.

Frank & Iris - St Catharines, ON

5 Star Review

We went through 3 quotes, and decided on Omni because of D'Arcys' knowledge, presentation and lifetime guarantee!

Freda & Michael - Hamilton, ON

5 Star Review

Very satisfied with the overall job! We chose OMNI because you use your own staff instead of hiring out other companies.

Gail P. of Oakville, ON

Jeff went the extra mile explaining what would be done in our basement and even though it was a relatively small job, we felt every effort and care was taken. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Thursday, June 15th

Garner H. of Burlington, ON

I was so impressed that I recommended you to the Halton District Engineer who utilized your system in several homes.

Gary - Welland, ON

4.5 Star Review

very professional, great products!

Geoff — Dundas, ON

"Everyone was great!!! Very satisfied with the job done. The installation crew is made up of great guys, and the salesman and his presentation were great as well."

George & Dale of Milton, ON

Very impressed from start to finish.  Would not hesitate to recommend you. The experience with the office staff went beyond my expectations, and the salesman, his presentation, and the installation crew were all great.

George and Dale of Milton, ON

Very impressed from start to finish. Would not hesitate to recommend your company. We have a dry basement! So very happy about that. Now we can use it as a playroom/family room. Thank you Omni!

Geri of Niagara Falls, ON

...very pleased with workmanship, friendliness and overall professionalism of all staff from salesman through to office contact, to hands-on young workers. They went the "extra mile!"

Wednesday, January 18th

Gerry R. of Beamsville, ON

Todd was informative and thorough, Mike was very professional and polite- clean up was more than satisfactory.

Thursday, May 22nd

Glen G. — Hamilton, ON

"I feel Omni has resolved my wet basement issue with an appropriate, quality and long lasting solution that suits my needs and I would definitely recommend Omni to anyone in a similar circumstance. Thank you!"

Gord S. of Crystal Beach, ON

Very good experience!

Thursday, March 25th

Harry M. of Beamsville, ON

We are extremely happy with the results!

Thursday, June 15th

Heather and Adrian — Burlington, ON

"The Omni Basement Systems crew was like family. We were sad to see them go. They were diligent, hardworking and honest. They squeezed us in and worked double-time before the [Christmas] holidays to get the job done. Thanks a million!"

Heddy W. of Oakville, ON

David was very courteous, professional, and well-informed.

Wednesday, September 12th

Helen - Ariss, ON

5 Star Reviews

Presentation and price...I felt like I was given all the information I needed and the price point was right on..customer service..Jocelyn Cote ...exceptional!

Helene - Fonthill, ON

4.5 Star Review

What made you choose our company:

We liked the method of repair, less invasive and the redirection of the water made the most sense to us.

Hossein &. of Oakville, ON

We had a very good experience with your company and we will recommend you to everyone we know.

Hossein &. of Oakville, ON
Thursday, June 15th

Ian of Burlington, ON

Pete was very helpful and came over on a timely basis, as well as showing interest in solving the problem.  Very attentive; showed good understanding of the fix needed, and the work was high quality.

J. F. of Oakville, ON

This seemed like a more complete solution than having an exterior excavation. It was a pleasure doing business with Omni. I have never encountered an organization so dedicated to customer satisfaction from the very first phone call inquiring about their services to the follow up after the completion of the job.

Thursday, June 15th

J.M. S. of Smithville, ON

It looks like a new basement without any bad odours, dampness or any moldy smell. It has also increased the warmth in the house without any unwanted odours. The dehumidifier and airflow system has made quite a difference. Thank you Omni Basement Systems for a job well done and we really appreciated the extra effort that you had put in to bring this project to completion.

Jack and Merma M. of Milton, ON

This was the absolute best experience we have had with work done at our house. Everyone (salesman, office staff, installation crew) went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Information was received in a timely manner and you did what you said you were going to do at the price you quoted. Outstanding in today's service industry. Many, many thanks!

Jackie D. of St.Catharines, ON

Todd was very honest, helpful, and friendly. I finally got answers to what can be done in basement.

Thursday, June 15th

James S. of Smithville, ON

We are very happy with the work Omni Basement Systems has done. It looks like a new basement with out any of the bad odours. The dampness is going and the mouldy, musty smell is also gone. It has increased the warmth in our home without the unwanted odours. The dehumidifier has made quite a difference. Thank you Omni Basement Systems for a job well done and we really appreciate the extra effort that you had put into bringing this project to completion.

Jane of Burlington, ON

I was very impressed with the crew and salesman (Peter) and the work was done in a timely, efficient manner.

Janice - Niagara On The Lake, ON

5 Star Rating

The neighbour across the street had the TripleSafe Sump Pump installed a few years ago and was very pleased. He invited us in to take a look and that sold us on the idea. As our pump was struggling to keep up with water we opted to have one installed.

Jennifer And Alisa - St. Catharines, ON

4.5 Star Review

My father highly recommended the company and we were very happy with KEITH and his presentation. He was very informative and respectful.

Jeremy and Elizabeth P. of Burlington, ON

Out of all the companies that have come in to do work on our home, Omni Basement Systems, by far, has exceeded all customer expectations. Good for you! Was very happy that Omni did not try to sell us something that was not needed. Thank you!!

JG of Oakville, ON

Overall satisfaction with all persons involved with both the survey of work to be done, and resultant completion of said work. The installation crew was very professional, and the experience with the office staff was great.

Friday, September 14th

Joan D. — Burlington, ON

Ryan was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful throughout the process and he and his crew had to work some late hours. The crew were respectful and helpful with questions that arose. They worked well as a team, getting the job done well and putting in extra time to do so.

Joanne W. of Oakville, ON

I found from the very first phone call with Omni through to completion, everyone I dealt with was extremely efficient, and pleasant to deal with, and very thorough. The installation crew couldn't have been better. They included me in each step, explaining all as they progressed. I was very impressed. You don't often get this with most companies. Thank you Omni Basement Systems, for making this experience one that I can put in my good memories.

Thursday, June 15th

Job review from Christina in Ancaster, ON
4.8 stars
4.8  out of 5 Stars

Amazing very hard worker who took the extra time to explain the work he did.

Joe G. of Milton, ON

Extremely satisfied from beginning to the clean up process. Installers were great, polite, friendly, and left our basement spotless! The salesman was professional and very helpful, and explained the process in great detail.  The office staff are also excellent. 

John L. of Georgetown, ON

Excellent job.

John of Beamsville, ON

The job was done very professionally, and the crew was very polite and accommodating.  Installing the Omni Basement System in the crawlspace has been a big improvement - better odor.  Now we can store things in our crawlspace.

Saturday, November 26th

Joseph - Oakville , ON

5 Star Review

Well done! Would clearly recommend your services!

Joyce N. of Grimsby, ON

I was exceptionally pleased with your crew. They not only put up with my hourly inspections plus visits from my son-in-law and neighbors, but were very respectful and answered all our questions. I would like them to do any servicing for me. Thank you.

Thursday, June 15th

Justin - Thorold, ON

5 Star Review

Essentially I tried calling several companies and not one person called back. Omni basements answered the phone the first time I called and had continually showed respect to the customer. Phil was at our place assessing our needs and was very professional with his work.

Justin of Thorold, ON

Essentially I tried calling several companies and not one person called back. Omni basements answered the phone the first time I called and had continually showed respect to the customer. Phil was at our place assessing our needs and was very professional with his work. Once we scheduled a date for installation, George & Tristan showed up on time and were very professional and very fast with the installation. George pointed out barriers and problems with our basement, but resolved the issues immediately. Excellent work. Thank you.

Monday, February 5th

Karen F. of Beamsville, ON

I am 100 percent satisfied with the repair work done. I am very impressed with the office staff. I needed the repair done as soon as possible and was given a Saturday appointment time immediately. Amazing!


Karen F. of Beamsville, ON

I am 100% satisfied with the repair work done. I was very impressed with the office staff. I needed the repair work done A.S.A.P. and was given a Saturday appointment time immediately. Amazing!

Thursday, June 15th

Karen S. and Robert R. - Kitchener, ON

"Thank you Omni. You re-adjusted your production schedule due to our unplanned water problems and this flexibility was much appreciated and resulted in a larger job. Great service and now we are dry and warm. Thank You!"

Kathy of Grimsby, ON

Crew was very informative and Knowledgeable.  Would highly Recommend

Thursday, August 4th

Ken M. of Hamilton, ON

Many times we think that basements are supposed to be damp, musty and leaky. But that is not true. Ken put up with his wet basement for years, thinking that was how it was. Basement = damp. Using an entire floor of his home as a living space and having that area compromised by water and its adverse effects made Ken take action and install a waterproofing system by Omni Basement.

Ken T. of Puslinch, ON

Everything was wonderful.  The installation crew was excellent, very hard working.

Kevin - Milton, ON

4.5 Star Review

Overall Rating: 4.4  out of 5

Kevin G. of Norval, ON

Friendly & professional.

Thursday, December 20th

Laurie & Brian of Hamilton, ON

Laurie and Brian had a waterproofing system already in place in there basement. It was a simple sump pump system that was supposed to keep their sub-floor space dry. But whenever the basement flooded, it stayed flooded with virtually no drainage happening at all. Sometimes a sump pump alone is just not enough. If the pump cannot handle the load or if the incoming water is greater than the amount the pump is dispersing, then you will have problem. Omni Basement Systems can install a full waterproofing system in your basement.

Len D. of Fort Erie, ON

The guys did a very good job and they were very nice and respectful while on the job.

Wednesday, May 14th

Linda - Welland, ON

5 Star Review

Kevin did excellent work!

Linda D. — Ancaster, ON

"An excellent job all around! A relief to have competent, knowledgeable workmen and sales people who communicate with each other to ensure a top notch job is done as PROMISED! "

Lindsey & Josh R. of Hamilton, ON

The loosened-up, unpacked backfill soil that is used to fill in the space around a houses’ foundation after it is constructed will naturally settle or wash away with each successive rain. That leaves gaps around the foundation where water can pool up and seep into your home. That is exactly what Lyndsey was experiencing.   That reservoir of water created a constant source of trouble until Omni Basement Systems was contacted and a waterproofing system was installed.

Lori - Milton, ON

4.5 Star Review

Overall Rating: 4.4  out of 5

Lorraine & Howard M. of Mansfield, ON

Your people were all top notch - knowledgeable + friendly + we felt like they cares about us.

Wednesday, February 13th

Lynda — Burlington, On

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Absolutely everything was addressed to our complete satisfaction. The entire staff at Omni have a true team attitude. We are so very pleased with Omni and will certainly refer to others!

Marian of Burlington, ON

The way Omni Basement Systems advertise their services, relate to customers, perform the job, and follow up with information communicates integrity - the most important aspect of any business. The installation crew was polite, diligent, and paid attention to detail.  The office staff was courteous, and prompt with information.  The salesman was well-mannered and his presentation was very helpful.

Marshall of Smithville, ON

Excellent crew, and our Design Specialist (Phil) made us feel like family!

Maryann C. - Cambridge, ON

"Thanks OMNI Basement Systems. I am relieved there is such a great product out there to ease our minds. You did a great job in waterproofing our basement."

Matthew - Niagara Falls, ON

4.5 Star Review

What made you choose our company: Better systems and better reputation

What type of work did you have done: Sump Pump

Michael - St. Catharines

5 Star Review

Both Ryan and Shea were very courteous, respectful of our house, informative, and efficiently completed the work within the time-frame suggested.

Michael And Holly - Welland, ON

5 Star Review

Very satisfied with the job. We are very confident we won't see any leaks from this crack again!

Michael H. of Puslinch, ON

I chose Omni because you were responsive to my inquiries in a timely manner.  The installation crew was excellent, the office staff were great, and the sales rep was very knowledgeable.

Mickie - Smithville, ON

4.5 Stars

What made you choose our company:

Description of products, warranty and price.

Mike & Elaine W. of Hamilton, ON

Having a sump pump is a good idea if you are prone to a leaky basement. But what happens if that pump dies out or there is a power outage during a torrential downpour (as often happens). What happens to all that water then? Mike experienced that dilemma first hand and the damage and clean-up was enough for him to call Omni Basement Systems for some help.

Mike & Teresa of Beamsville, ON

The group did a great job.  Well worth the money spent. The installation crew was great, and very personable.  The salesman and his presentation were excellent, and the cleanup was perfect.  They left it spotless!

Friday, August 12th

Mr. & Mrs M. of Rosemont, ON

Reliable, great reviews, returned our calls.

Tuesday, January 1st

Mr. and Mrs. S. of Puslinch, ON

As you know we had a pretty sick basement. The presence of mold, dampness and decay was very discernable. Following an excellent presentation, we agreed to have a complete basement treatment including the perimeter drainage system for all walls; the wall treatment to cover damp and dingy rubble walls; floor and wall cover in the crawl space, and; a sump pump with a battery backup system. ... Words can hardly express how pleased we are with our new basement!

Nelson - Hamilton , ON

5 Star Review

I was very impressed by Peter clearing his schedule to make sure the job got done. That's a company that knows business! No pressure by the sales rep and friendly service.

Nick - Stoney Creek, ON

5 Star Review

Although I hope to never have problems again with my foundation. Should this occur, I will not hesitate to contact Omni! Brian has thorough knowledge of the procedure to repair foundation cracks and explained the procedure extremely well to us, so that I fully understood what needed to be done.

Pam - Port Colborne, ON

5 Star Review

What type of work did you have done:

Crawl Space Repair

Paul & Paula D. of Hamilton, ON

Paul and Paula had a persistent water problem in their basement. One of their options was to either place an exterior drainage system around their foundation or to waterproof the exterior foundation walls with a water-resistant coating; both common remedies offered by other contractors. In order to perform either of those installations, the entire outside area around their house would have had to be excavated, removing all trees, sidewalks, driveways, shrubbery, porches and patios.

Paul &. of Fort Erie, ON

Thank you very much for doing this job right away. My renovation man was not delayed in any way. Also our plumber is very impressed with the waterproofing systems. Thanks.

Thursday, June 15th

Paul B. of Oakville, ON

Alessio was awesome- very friendly, honest, and respectful.

Thursday, May 22nd

Peter - Grimsby, ON

4 Star Review

We inherited the system from previous owners but have been very pleased with our dealings to date.

R. W. of Grimsby, ON

Reputable, knowledgeable, and field tested system.  Efficient and hard working installation crew.

Wednesday, July 12th

Ralph P. of Oakville, ON

That was a good job and not a drop of moisture since!

Monday, November 26th

Randy - Niagara Falls, ON

5 Star Review

Annette was very good with her presentation.  So friendly and helpful, she had me sold very quickly.

Ray & Cathy - Stoney Creek, ON

5 Star Review

You did a great job and clean up! Very satisfied and the entire staff was excellent!

Rene & Christina — Ancaster, ON

Very happy :) if we need you again, we wouldn't hesitate to call you! You returned our call quickly and did the job fast!

Richard V. of Caledon East, ON

9 out of 10

Thursday, April 5th

Rob - Hamilton, ON

5 Star Review

Omni worked quickly, efficiently, AND cleaned up after themselves. We really appreciated this, because, as this job was coming to an end, a major hurricane was moving this way. After 5-6 days of heavy rains we were snug and dry. Thank you OMNI

Rob - Oakville, ON

5 Star Review

The excellent customer service we received, from the explanation of the issue, through exploring alternatives to the execution of the waterproofing.

Robert & Cynthia - Hamilton, ON

5 Star Review

All the staff are very nice; kind, polite and courteous. They explained the work to us step by step and it was done very well! Thanks so much and Happy New Year, all the best to all over you!

Service was addressed in a proper form, all staff are awesome workers!

Ron - Niagara, ON

5 Star Review

We were really impressed with Todd and Alfredo, they were really good at explaining the whole process and were good to their word during the install!

Ron - Ridgeway, ON

5 Star Review

You should be proud of your install crew and your salesman Todd. They were very professional and did an excellent job.

Ron J. of Niagara Falls, ON

Todd was very informative, professional, and eased our concerns.

Thursday, June 15th

Ron S. of Ridgeway, ON

You should be proud of your install crew and your salesman Todd. They were very professional and did n excellent job.

Friday, March 16th

Sam N. of Hornby, ON

Very satisfied.

Tuesday, January 29th

Sam of Milton, ON

Everything about your company, your presentation, your crew is of top quality and very professional. I felt that your rep. and your crew were part owners of your company.  They really care about their work.  Thanks again for your team. Extremely pleased and satisfied with the job you did.  The installation crew was very knowledgeable and very precise.  The salesman and his presentation were both professional, exact, and honest.

Sandra S. of Burlington, ON

Overall experience was a very good one. Thanks!

Sara & Rob of Niagara Falls, ON

We are very happy with the work done and will definitely recommend your services to friends and family. The installation crew was polite, clean, tidy, and efficient. We had a friendly experience with the office staff and the salesman and his presentation were organized, helpful, and professional.

Monday, February 21st

Scott - Niagara Falls, ON


4.5 Star Review


Found Omni Basement Systems Online

Sharon M. of Terra Cotta, ON

Had Sump Pump and battery backup replaced.  Service was excellent.

Shawn G. of Milton, ON

I had an old sump pump without a battery backup system and figured it was time to invest in a proper system to protect my basement. Omni installed the Super Sump pump with Battery backup system . I am very happy with the project and very impressed with the work the team did. The installation looks great and the install looks perfect. The ice guard and buried landscape cover really make the install look clean. The team cleaned up the work area and all and all I would say they did an A+ job. I would be happy to refer your services to anyone looking for a basement project.

Sheena J. of Burlington, ON

I would like to convey the satisfaction that I felt with Jon Stewart. I felt that he was concerned about the leak in the basement wall and was very knowledgeable in detailing the procedure that would fix it.  He took time to look outside and determine any problems that may be causing the leak. I felt very comfortable and at ease that I was making the right decision to have Omni Basement Systems conduct the work needed. Jon was very polite and thorough with his presentation and I would have him in my house any time.

Shirley C. of Hamilton, ON

After a recent heavy storm, Shirley C.'s basement was completely under water. "Water was coming in like Niagara Falls," she lamented. She couldn't handle another basement flood and she knew she had to do something right away. That is when she called Omni Basement Systems. Omni Basement Systems is Greater Hamilton's premier basement waterproofing company, offering over 28 exclusive, patented products to custom design a solution for every type of wet basement problem.

Steve M. of Oakville, ON

Alessio, just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the performance of the system you installed last year.  Basement is perfectly dry, the sump pump after the spring melt was going off hourly and even in drier conditions about every two hours or so. Can just imagine how much water was building up along the outside of the foundation.  Very pleased.

Steven S. of Fonthill, ON

Highly satisfied-the crew was hard working and competent, even working in challenging conditions.  The technician addressed all my concerns with my basement, and I had  great experience with the office staff. I decided to hire omni because of the quality of the equipment they replaced my sump pump with. 

Tuesday, April 4th

Susan - Waterloo, ON

"I was extremly impressed with our sales rep. He respected my time limitation, was professional, followed up promptly, convinced us but did not oversell."

Susan O. of Niagara Falls, ON

Very pleased with the staff that did the installation. They were knowledgeable and friendly.

Tuesday, April 4th

Terry - Ariss, ON

5 Star Review

Jocelyn was great, very helpful at all times.  David was very easy to work with and listened to all of our concerns and presented himself as a professional, and the installation crew was very nice, worked fast and left no mess.

Terry - Stoney Creek, ON

4.5 Star Review

Previous weeping Tile repair with another Co. did not work. You were recommended to me by a Contractor. Best decision I could have made. Service personnel (Kevin) was excellent.

Tom - Burlington, ON

Salesman spent a lot of time with us. Thanks for jackhammering up the high spot on our floor as an extra. You are all very professional and did a great job. Thanks.

Tom D. of Beamsville, ON

Great job all around. Peace of mind for our basement now!!

Thursday, June 15th

Tom D. — Beamsville, ON

Wet Basement Solution for Tom D. from Beamsville, ON

Great job all around. Peace of mind for our basement now!!

Tom S. of Hamilton, ON

A very common area for water to enter into a basement is the basement window. Even if the window is closed tight, water can still leak in around the outside of the window if it is not sealed or is lined with weather stripping properly. Tom had this problem as well as water leaking in at the floor/wall juncture.   By sealing the windows and not allowing water to come in and installing a perimeter drain system around the outer edge of the basement (where the water was coming in), Omni Basement solved Tom’s water problems.

Tony V. of Hamilton, ON

Being constructed below ground level, basements and crawl spaces are subject to water leaking and damage more often than other parts of your home. This constant infiltration can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in clean-up and repair costs. Tony had spent an abundance of money on refinishing his leaky basement with no end to the problem...until he contacted Omni Basement Systems.

Tracey H. of Fort Erie, ON

Your entire organization deserves to be commended for the professionalism displayed throughout the process. Every person that I interacted from Omni was impressively thorough, helpful and professional – from Mark who did the assessment to Pete who followed up, to Ryan and Shea who conducted the work. I have already referred Omni to two of my neighbors who require new sump pumps and I hope that they decide to call. They won’t be disappointed. In this day and age where everyone claims to put the customer first, you actually delivered, and you should be really proud of ho

Walter - Port Colborne, ON

5 Star Review

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Referred by friend

Wendy W. of St. Catharines, ON Excellent job!

Thursday, June 15th

Wilf - Wellandport, ON

4 Star Review

Overall Rating: 4.2  out of 5

Zeke - St. Catharines, ON

5 Star Review

After 3 floods we needed a reliable solution This was a only a 6 year old system. Omani is expensive is my only complaint but no floods so it's worth it!

Zeljko & Vera of Oakville, ON

Helpful and knowledgeable sales rep.  Installation crew were very professional.

Wednesday, July 18th

Zena - Wellandport, ON

5 Star Review

We have used Omni in the past with excellent results.

Zena T. of Wellandport, ON

Efficient, on time, comparable rates.