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Push Piers For Stabilizing Failing Or Settling ON Foundations

The Supportworks Push Pier Systems

Push Pier System

Supportworks always offers the highest-quality push pier systems.

Are you in need of an effective way to lift your home back to its proper place with minimal disruption to your property? Supportworks Push Piers may be the answer!

Our systems are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil beneath a foundation to solve settlement problems. Push piers can be installed inside or outside your foundation walls and are not visible once the repair is complete.

In many scenarios, push piers not only stop settlement but lift the foundation back to its original position, closing cracks and improving window and door operation.

Our push pier system is the permanent solution you need. Call us for a free push pier installation quote today! We serve Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, and many nearby areas in Ontario.

How Foundation Push Pier Systems Work

Push Pier Failure

A sub-par push pier system can bend and kink during the driving operation, compromising its strength, effectiveness, and longevity.

To install a push pier system, soil is first removed to expose the foundation footing where the pier will be driven. A heavy-duty steel bracket is then installed below the footing.

Next, rugged, interlocking steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket until bedrock or stable soil is reached. The weight of the home is then transferred through the piers to this load-bearing soil.

Once this has been completed, your foundation contractors may attempt to lift the foundation, elevating the settled foundation back to its original position.

Push Pier Foundation Lift

A Supportworks Push Pier System, with a steel external sleeve that prevents bending during installation.

Once the homeowner and installing contractor are satisfied with the stabilization or amount of lift, the soil can be backfilled. The structure is now permanently stabilized in its new position.

Our Push Pier System

As with any family of products, there are good, better and best. When you're talking about investing in your home's structural stability, it's a good idea to go with the best.

Along with their corrosion-resistant design that includes galvanized steel and a 25-year warranty, the Supportworks Push Pier System also includes a patent-pending external sleeve.

This external sleeve is designed to strengthen the push pier directly below the foundation bracket, which is the most critical location for added structural support.

This external sleeve will strengthen the push pier and prevent the kinking, buckling, and rotation that is commonly seen with other push pier systems.

When To Use Foundation Push Piers

Product Features:
  • Year-round installation
  • Warrantied for 25 Years
  • Galvanized steel design available
  • Below-grade solution -- not visible after completed installation
  • Piers reach greater depths than any other repair option
  • Can lift foundation back to original position

Because push piers are driven all the way to bedrock or a stable soil layer, they are often the least risky solution when local soil conditions are unknown. If your goals are as follows, then push piers are the option for you:

  • You need the best opportunity to lift your home back to its original position.
  • You'd like minimal disturbance during installation.
  • You're looking for a fast, effective installation.
  • Restoring your property value is a priority.

However, if you're installing foundation piers on lighter structures such as stoops or decks, a solution such as a helical pier might be more effective than a push pier. This is because the structure may not be heavy enough to drive the push piers to sufficient depth to support your structure.

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Foundation Pier Application Chart
  Removal & Replacement Concrete Underpinning Concrete Concrete Piers Helical Piers Push Piers
New Construction Of Home Or Addition       Check Mark  
Can Be Installed From Home's Interior     Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Installation Usually Completed In Less Than One Week     Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Lowest Risk When Local Soil Information Is Unknown         Check Mark
Stabilize Light Structures Such As Decks Or Stoops Check Mark Check Mark   Check Mark  
Limited Disturbance To Lawn & Landscaping     Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Solution Extends Past Troubled Soils       Check Mark Check Mark
Permanently Stabilize Foundation Without Maintenance       Check Mark Check Mark
Ability To Lift Home Back To Level     Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark

Are you looking for local foundation contractors in Ontario?

At Omni Basement Systems, our team of in-house foundation experts has warrantied solutions for structural issues related to settling foundations of all types. Our foundation push pier systems include a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as our own performance warranty.

If you would like a free foundation push pier installation quote, we're ready to help you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site consultation and written quote!

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