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Permanent Repair Solutions

Foundations can suffer structural damage due to:

  • Settlement
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Soil washout
  • Ontario's deep frost
  • ... other forces

We have a range of products to permanently solve foundation problems and restore safety and value to your home. Our experienced foundation experts can meet with you to determine the best solution for your structural issues. To accomplish this, we will inspect the current damage, identify what is causing it, and create a written proposal outlining the best solution.

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Our Foundation Products:

Wall Anchors


Basement foundation walls are designed to support the weight of upper loads. They begin to fail when side pressures push against them. This causes cracks, bowing, sliding near the bottom, and/or tilt near the the top.

Repairing this damage or even rebuilding new walls is not going to solve the problem long term.



Wall anchors work like a vise and counteract soil pressure by pulling walls preventing the wall from caving in further or sometimes pulling them back into their origianal position. This is done by inserting the anchors underground outside your home and connecting them to the basement wall with threaded rods which can be tightened.


I-Beam Wall Brace


If it is not possible to use the Wall Anchor system above due to property line restrictions or obstacles such as pools and concrete driveways or structures, then we offer an inside solution. We can install an interior bracing system to hold back your foundation walls.



The the PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System is an adjustable steel I-beam frame. This system has two functions; to stabilizing bowed or tilting walls, and to eventually force bowed or tilting foundations back to their original position. All PowerBrace™ components are manufactured to exacting standards, with an anti-corrosion zinc coating that will keep them looking like new for decades to come!

Wall Reinforcing


In some cases, fixing existing damage to a foundation may not be your priority. Preventing further damage is the priority and a more affordable option.



A more affordable option to stabilize block and poured concrete foundation walls is by using CarbonArmor® straps. These straps offer a quick way to slow or stop cracked foundations that are showing signs of bowing. Our foundation experts will determine the number of straps needed to which depends on the wall length and how much outside pressure is being exerted.

The extremely strong carbon fiber straps are epoxied to the foundation which minimizes further movement. Since these straps are installed flat against the foundation wall and do not protrude like the I-Beams do, the repair can be easily covered.


Foundation Piers & Slab Piers


Soils are sometimes unable to bear the weight of your house structure including concrete floors and chimneys causing your house to sink into the ground.



Our pier systems are driven deep into the ground beneath your home's foundation until stable soil or bedrock is reached. This effectively transfers your foundation's weight deeper, below the unstable soil. In many situations it is possible to lift the existing foundation and concrete floors back to their original position.


Crawl Space Jack Posts


Sagging floors over crawl spaces are caused by structure design, movement, and/or rot. If the original material used in the design was not adequate to support the weight, structure such as undersized beams will flex and sometimes break.  Supports holding up these beams can also shift or sink over time if they were not properly installed. In many cases, improper moisture management within the crawl space is causing wood to rot and weaken.

Even if you do not immediately notice your floors are sagging or sloping, you may notice cracks in your walls, windows and doors that are difficult to open, or perhaps even a musty odour.



Our SmartJack® system is designed to stabilize, straighten, and strengthen sagging floors over crawl space foundations. To manage moisture in your crawl space we also offer other products to eliminate moisture from rotting wood and corroding metal surfaces.


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Our Easy Estimate is a commitment from us to give you enough information about our solution so you understand:

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  • which solutions are best for repairing the problem
  • what measures will prevent future issues
  • the cost

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