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Structural and Crawl Space Repair, Waterproofing for Kitchener, Ontario

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"Thank you Omni. You re-adjusted your production schedule due to our unplanned water problems and this flexibility was much appreciated and resulted in a larger job. Great service and now we are dry and warm. Thank You!"
Karen S. and Robert R. — Kitchener, ON

"There was a huge melt and I found absolutely not one drop of water anywhere in the basement. WOW! What a difference not having to worry as to how much water there will be."
Elizabeth B. — Kitchener, ON

Kitchener, Ontario logoMany contractors that do structural repairs, or waterproofing are using older, less effective methods. Omni Basement Systems works with modern, patented, and warrantied products and methods that have been used thousands of times in homes in and around Kitchener, Ontario. 

Let our experience and expertise work for you. We'll permanently protect your home from water damage and our innovative methods for structural repairs will have your home sitting well in no time.

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Whether your Kitchener home is dealing with water issues or your crawl space or foundation is in need of repair, we can help. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote today...

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