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Foundation Warnings and Problems?

Identifying A Foundation Problem

We've created this helpful online guide of the most common foundation issues and symptoms most homeowners can identify. If you notice any of these problems with your foundation, call us for a Free Inspection.



Bowing Foundation Walls

Foundations can bulge or bow if soil around the outside of the house is water-saturated enough to exert pressure against the walls (expansive soils).


Cracked Concrete Floors

Large cracks can develop in your concrete floors when the house foundation settles unevenly. These cracks often extend to the foundation wall edge.


Cracked Foundation Walls

Settling soil under your house opens cracks in your foundation.


Split Brick Walls

Depending on how the house settles cracks can form from the roof down or the foundation up.


Leaning Chimneys

Leaning chimneys can tear away from the house and take part of the house with it, sometimes lifting the basement floor.


Sloping Floors

If foundations settle, floors can become uneven and a slope developes.


Stuck Windows and Doors

When foundations move, windows and doors often shift out of square and jam or get stuck.


White Powder

Moving foundations can open up gaps for leaks on the inside that leave behind a tell-tale sign of efflorescence white powder on concrete walls.

failing floor joist    

Sagging Crawl Space

Your crawl space is experiencing structural problems that are causing it to sink or sag in the middle.




Overwhelmed with Foundation Repairs?

Some of these foundation problems may seem overwhelming and far too expensive to repair. However, identifying the warning signs early before more damage is done may provide a simple permanent solution. Sometimes these issues can be resolved in just one day with the right tools by our experienced staff.

Our team of contractors are here to help you determine the real source of the problem and solve your issues with warrantied products and services. Our foundation experts will provide you with a free no-obligation estimate.


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