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Crawl Space Solutions

We offer a variety of crawl space solutions depending on the problems affecting your crawl space. There are multiple ways to keep moisture out and humidity levels down. Every home is different so we offer a variety of solutions for you maintain your crawl space.

Ecapsulation before and after

Insulation for your Crawl Space

Insulating with the right kind of material will not only help reduce mold and energy loss from air ducts but make the floors above warmer in the winter. With our specially designed TerraBlock™ Crawl Space Floor insulation we can not only enhance the look of your crawl space but add another barrier to keep moisture out. Easy to install on all surfaces such as dirt, stone and concrete TerraBlock™ can be combined with our drainage matting solution to direct water to a sump pump system. An additional crawl space liner may be installed on top for added durability.

Whether you have soggy fiberglass insulation hanging from the joists or no insulation at all, Omni Basement Systems has the solution.


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Encapsulation is one method to slow and prevent ground moisture from evaporating into your crawl space air. A physical barrier is placed around your crawl space to keep the air in your crawl space even with the air in your home. This keeps your basement and home from smells that might have been caused by excess moisture in your crawl space.


Removing Water with a Drainage System

It’s possible that after a heavy rainfall or during wet seasons you end up with sitting water in your basement or crawl space. A system needs to be put in place to remove this standing water to prevent water damage to your home's structure and the extra humidity it will cause. Omni Basement System can install a crawl space drain and sump pump system to remove water that enters your crawl space.


Humidity Control

Even with a proper drainage system evaporated water can still enter through your walls or floors. Even with a dry floor you may still have higher levels of humidity in your crawlspace and basement. In order to control humidity levels a dehumidifier needs to be installed. Our dehumidifier product not only removes excess moisture but cleans the air as well. Removing mold and fungus particles to maintain a healthier environment in your home.


Ventilation Solutions

Another cause for poor crawl space conditions is ventilation. If your crawl space is vented it may be bringing in extra humidity and air that can cause mold, rot and cause cold floors. This air can move throughout your home causing bad odour We offer vent solutions such as encapsulation and insulation products to seal your crawl space. You do not want to compromise your home’s safety and value.

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