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Crawl Space Repair

Crawl space problemsHave you noticed:

  • Some flooding in your crawl space
  • A musty odour coming from rotting wood
  • Leaning support in crawl space
  • Supports are rotting and crumbling
  • Floors are sloping or cracking above crawl space

These can all turn into serious issues with long term effects that can extend into other areas of your home, requiring extensive repairs.

We at Omni Basement Systems provide a variety of crawl space solutions and repairs. If you have experienced a flooded crawl space we offer crawl space waterproofing solutions to keep water out permanently and the structure safe.

Not sure what you need but you are seeing or smelling some of these symptoms, contact us today for a no obligation Easy Quote.

Easy quote of crawl space repairs

If your crawl space is needing repair ask today about any of our services. We will be happy to provide a free quote in Hamilton, ON and the surrounding areas in Ontario, including the areas of Oakville, Burlington, Kitchener, and St Catharines.

Crawl Space Repair