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Warning Signs and Problems

There are a number of warning signs and problems to watch for in your home that can indicate your crawl space needs repairing. foundation crack repair kitchener

Bouncy Floors/Sagging Floor

With every crawl space comes the room above it. If you have noticed that your floors above the crawl space or basement are sagging or become bouncy it may be an indication that the floor supports such as wood joists, posts or beams are either collecting water or rotting. Solutions might include humidity control or removing the source of moisture to prevent further issues.

Rotting beams

One cause of a bouncy or sagging floor could be rotting support beams. If there is a lot of moisture in your crawl space or basement this creates an environment for the growth of fungus. This can grow on wood beams, window sills and joists that all support your home. The wood might look healthy from the outside but could still could be losing its strength because of moisture and fungus. This can cause further structural issues if not corrected.

Crawl space humidity

One of the most damaging elements for your home is high humidity and water levels. Humidity in your crawlspace can promote the growth of unhealthy fungus and which can cause issues with allergies or asthma. One method to keep your crawl space from spreading the mostiture to your home is to encapsulate it, this keeps the moisture out and humidity levels low.

Rodents, insects, critters

One sign of issues with your crawl space or foundation is the presence of rodents, insects and other small critters entering your home. Cracks in your foundations or floor may not seem big enough but this can open up pathways for them to enter. Keeping a dry and sealed crawl space is key to keeping these critters out!


A damp crawl space can lead to mold and mildew growing in your home. This can spread not only to your basement but in other areas of your home causing a musty smell or discolouration on your walls. It also can cause health issues in people with asthma or serious allergies. This is a clear sign there is to much moisture in your home.

Nasty smells

If you notice nasty smells or strong odors in your home the source may be your basement or crawl space. Over time a humid damp space will eventually start to smell. Other things like rodents or rotting insects can also cause unwanted smells. Aside from generally keeping it clean it is best to keep a dry crawl space to prevent any issues that can cause unwanted odours.

Crawl Space Repair Estimate

If any of these have surfaced in your home it’s likely the source of these warning signs and problems have originated or are being affected by your crawl space. Our experts at Omni Basement Systems can help confirm any of these problems and repair damaged crawl spaces. Contact us for a free estimate.