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Early Warning Signs Your Home May Need Foundation Waterproofing

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The health of your home’s foundation basically equals the health of every structure that relies upon it, either from above or below. From your chimney to your basement, your house is only as safe and sturdy as the foundation that connects all its parts together.

This is why it is so essential to remain aware of early warning signs that your foundation may be structurally compromised.

One of the most common issues that arises with foundations, especially if yours is an older home, is moisture seepage. In this post, we review the most common early warning signs that your home may need foundation waterproofing.

1. Increased humidity in your indoor air

There is no doubt that humidity can fluctuate with the seasons here in Canada. And in most houses that have basements, the air is slightly more humid in the basement than it is above ground.

However, as long as your HVAC is working properly, increasing indoor humidity beyond what you have experienced in past years usually points to one culprit: hidden moisture sneaking in through cracks in your foundation.

2. Your floor starts creaking, sagging or sloping

In movies, having an old creaking floor can add a lot of suspense and drama to the storyline. But when it happens in your home, the only drama it adds is the kind that keeps you up worrying at night.

The same holds true if your kids can play-slide down your sloping floor or if there is a nice well in the middle that the family dog enjoys lying in. These are signs your foundation needs repairs.

3. Windows, cabinets or doors stick or won’t stay closed

Do you have a door in your home that won’t stay closed no matter what you try? Or do you dread your morning struggle to pry open the bathroom cabinets?

While it can feel like your home is fighting you, in actuality these are symptoms of a bigger problem – a shifting foundation that is beginning to lean, sag or crack.

4. Cracks begin to appear on inside or outside walls

If you have ever walked into a room in your home only to notice a fresh gaping seam has opened up on a wall or ceiling, you already know how worrisome this can be.

What many new homeowners in particular do not realize is that often a crack on a wall or ceiling points to shifts in the foundation below. And anytime the foundation begins to shift, this opens up micro-fissures that eventually turn into cracks where moisture can easily seep through.

5. Efflorescence shows up on your basement walls, ceiling or floors.

Efflorescence often masquerades as dust, until you realize this “dust” isn’t showing up in the places where dust usually congregates. This is because that white, powdery stuff isn’t dust at all, but rather represents mineral salts left behind as water evaporates.

Efflorescence can show up anywhere there is a fissure or a crack, even if you can’t see where it is coming from. It is a sure sign water is coming through your foundation from somewhere.

6. You find moisture or pooled water inside your home or basement

Once the situation has progressed to the point at which you are actually finding damp walls or floors or pools of water, it is time to sleuth out the source of the leak(s) and make any necessary repairs.

7. Your home and/or basement starts to stink

There is no more obvious – or worse – symptom that your foundation has started to leak than when you start smelling a strange odour in your home, crawl space or basement area.

This odour is most likely arising from mildew or mould spores that have colonized in the damp areas and are beginning to spread. Another, equally unpleasant possibility is that insects or rodents have moved in to take advantage of plentiful moisture.

The Warning Signs You Can’t Detect Might Be Even Worse

Today, there is a growing problem with radon exposure throughout Canada. Radon, an odourless, colorless, naturally occurring gas, is produced when uranium trapped in soil, rocks and water begins to break down.

This natural process of breakdown releases radon gas, which then seeks out areas of lower pressure as it rises upward.

Radon is responsible for a full 16 percent of new lung cancer cases each year – these primarily among non-smokers. When your foundation begins to crack, this makes it even easier for radon to enter your basement and then your home.

How to Fix a Foundation Leak From the Inside

When you see any of the foundation warning signs and problems mentioned here, or others that concern you, it is time to call in a pro.

Waiting is possible in some cases, but you won’t know what your options are until you have the situation professionally assessed.

The good news is, modern foundation repair technology makes even formerly complex repair issues easy, quick and affordable. In the majority of cases, we can have the necessary repairs completed in just a day or two.

Use this simple and quick online form to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and quote.

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Are you seeing any of the warning signs mentioned here that there is a problem with your foundation? Are you worried that your foundation has started to crack or leak in ways that may compromise your home’s safety and resale value?

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