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Are Your Window Wells Leaking? We Can Fix That!

puddle of water by leaky window

Window wells are a great invention. At least, they are when they are working properly.

When they clog, leak, back up or turn into leafy trash cans, window wells become one more problem that you, the already overworked homeowner, have to fix.

One of the most stressful problems when dealing with window wells is simply figuring out what is wrong!

Sometimes it is obvious what is causing window wells to malfunction or leak. But other times the core issue isn’t so clear. Learn what to do to get your window wells working properly again.

Why Do Window Wells Start Leaking?

Where should you start looking for the source of the leak? Let’s find out!

Windows Are Not Waterproof (Even If Window Wells Are)

This is a much-misunderstood topic. The first thing that is essential to understand about watertight window wells is that they are protecting non-watertight windows.

Even worse, they are protecting non-watertight ground-level or even below-ground windows. If there is one place water will always try to get in, it is your basement. Any little fissure, crack and crevice is fair game to attract incoming moisture.

So that means the leak might not actually be coming from your window wells. It could be coming from your windows!

Knowing this possibility may be enough for you to find the leak and get it fixed.

But if it isn’t, keep reading...

Uncovered Window Wells Are Leaks Waiting to Happen

The main reason window wells become problematic is that they are left uncovered.

You might think covering them defeats the purpose of having window wells, which are supposed to allow light into your basement.

But when you use a clear window well cover that is also watertight, the sun can still get in but the rain can’t.

Even better, when you pop a window well cover on, outside debris like leaf litter, tree seeds, weeds, etc. can’t get in to block the light and degrade the seals around your windows.

Your outdoor cat will never mistake your window well for a kitty litter box. Birds won’t nest there, rabbits and frogs won’t get stuck in it, and rodents won’t try to burrow into your basement from within the window well’s relative safety.

If a window well cover fixes your leak, you are good to go. But what if the leak still keeps on coming?

Basement Drainage Solutions Are Not for Amateurs

Every year, many homeowners purchase new homes with basements for the first time. These homeowners may have never lived in a home with a basement (or even a crawl space) before.

This can be a steep learning curve!

If you are just getting acquainted with the special maintenance needs of your average basement, we have a scary statistic for you.

Ninety-eight percent of basements in North America will take on some level of water at some future point.

Perhaps you wish you could un-read that sentence. But we truly believe it is better to know than not know. When you know, you can make sure to do everything possible to minimize your chances of basement or home water damage.

The average basement water damage claim runs the average homeowner at just under $7,000.

The typical preventive maintenance to keep water out is nowhere near this pricey (and can potentially lower your homeowner’s insurance premium costs as well).

What Type of Basement Waterproofing Protection Can Stop Window Well Leaks?

We are glad you asked!

When you have a window well that appears to be leaking, but none of the fixes you have tried stop the leak, it is time to look deeper.

The most common source of these “mystery leaks” is often the basement drainage system.

Basement drainage has three main facets:

  1. Sump pump (with backup)

  2. Up-to-date home and basement drainage system

  3. Interior basement waterproofing

Let’s take a look at each now.

Sump pump

Like window wells, sump pumps can get clogged. They can also get overworked. During power outages, they can stop working completely.

You never want this to happen. If your sump pump doesn’t have a backup system in place, now is the time to add one.

Drainage system

Your basement drainage solution actually starts in your home aboveground. Take a close look at grading, downspouts, gutters (with guards or covers), and basement drains.

Basement waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing is economical and fast to install. It doesn’t matter whether your basement space is finished or unfinished.

However, sometimes there are leaks coming from fissures or cracks. Other times there may be rotting insulation or problems with floor, wall or ceiling joints.

These problems must also be fixed to ensure the waterproofing treatment can do its job well.

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