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Waterproofing Solutions

Omni Basement Solutions has effective ways to prevent flooding and water damage. No matter what the issue or repair required we specialize in basement waterproofing. Let our experts visit your home and provide a free inspection.

New Construction Waterproofing

Having a house built or planning a build in the future? Consider starting your basement off right by waterproofing it well it is being built. This will future proof your basement from any flooding hazards from day 1 and save you money in the long term. Have a piece of mind right from the moment you move into your home that your basement is resistant to water and flooding.

Crack repair

Cracks in your basement walls or foundation can be caused by improper installation of concrete or an uneven foundation. Cracks can cause water leaks and should be fixed to prevent basement flooding. On a more regular basis moisture can seep through these cracks and if frozen in the winter can cause cracks to grow. It’s imperative to repair cracks to ensure further damage to your foundation and home. We can also install wall anchors to secure structures. For more information on how to fix a leaky basement please contact us.

Back-up system sump pump

In the event that your primary sump pump system fails to operate due to years of use or simply by forgetting to plug in your pump after using an outlet. Having a backup sump pump system in place can be the difference of your basement flooding or being protected. We offer a state of the art battery backup sump pump system called UltraSump®. When the power goes out this battery operated system can kick out 1,500 gallons of water on a fully charged battery. At Omni Basement Systems, we can handle your basement water problem.

Window & well drains

Basement windows & well drains are an important feature in your basement to pay close attention to due as a nature hole into your basement. Over time windows and window wells can decay becoming rusty which can cause leaks that lead into your basement. Omni Basement Systems can put an end to leave basement windows with our innovative products. A few advantages to our window well and window products is they are maintenance free, don’t require painting and are almost indestructible..


Looking for a drier and energy-efficient basement? Our Basement To Beautiful™ panels provide  24% more energy savings than conventional foam products using advanced SilverGlo™ graphite-infused foam insulation. This long lasting insulation is built to code and helps protect your home from mold build up. It will not rot or mold like typical fiberglass insulation. Our basement waterproofing experts provide fast, clean, and effective installations of this innovative insulation product. If you would like a free insulation quote, we're here to help you!

Downspout extensions

Moving water away from your home is an easy way to prevent water leaking into your homes basement. Water that pools beside your home can enter your basement through cracks or even absorbed by your walls causing extra moisture in your basement. Omni Basement Systems provides an easy and effective solution for this problem. Our downspout extensions ensure that your gutters move water away from your home keeping it out of your crawl space or basement.

Drainage system

Omni Basement Systems offers numerous drainage system in order to fit your basements requirements. Not every size fits all and we understand all basements and setups are the same. Our top drainage products are WaterGuard®  And DryTrak® Monolithic Floor Drain. These systems keep water out of your basement and back outside where it belongs. Our innovative systems are easy to install and don’t require extensive reconstruction of your homes foundation.

Our installations take 1-2 days.  For a free basement waterproofing quote, call or e-mail us today!