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Warning Signs and Problems

Take a look at common warning signs and problems that might cause or be causing a flooded basement.

Before water in your basement causes expensive repairs have our experts at Omni Basement System find a waterproofing solution that fits your basements need.

Sump pump always running

Have a sump pump system in place but notice it’s always working overtime to remove water? This could lead to eventual sump pump failure and consequently a flooded basement. You may have extra water entering your basement causing your sump pump to work harder than it needs too. Look for extra water in your basement that is coming from walls or cracks in your foundation. These are big warning signs that you have a water problem in your basement that should be fixed.

Flaking paint

If you have a painted room in your basement or even crawl space and you notice that the paint no longer stays on the walls or floor there is too much moisture in those rooms. Flaking paint can be caused from dampness in the air, incorrect types of paint being used or the type of surface is incorrect. Another problem you may notice is bubbles in your paint. This can indicate that water is seeping through walls and collecting behind the paint. A big sign that your basement walls require repair or waterproofing.


Another sign that water is entering your basement is when the process known as Efflorescence occurs. This is when the salt is mixed with water and when the water evaporates you are left with a dusty white coating on your walls or floors. This can indicate that water at some point entered in to your basement through your walls or through a crack.


A very obvious sign or problem is basement flooding. If you notice even a hint of flooding it indicates that it is very easy for water to enter. It is critical to get basement waterproofing done to ensure you have a dry basement come high waters or rain. You may also live in a flood zone area or are living near a stream, river or lake that has potential to flood. Being proactive can protect your basement and home in the case of a flood.

Basement humidity

Humidity in your basement can promote the growth of fungus and can cause issues health issues. Waterproofing your basement prevents the spread of water in your home which keeps humidity levels low and easier to maintain with a simple dehumidifier. If yours is running constantly it’s a sign that water or moisture levels are too high and could be entering your basement.

Sump pump failure

If your current sump pump is failing to pump water or does not turn on. This is a sign that it is overworked or has been used extensively. If you notice Sump pump failure installing a new pump sump system is critical to keeping your basement from flooding.

Mold & mildew

A flood can lead to mold & mildew growing in your homes basement or crawlspace. This can spread to other areas of your home if not treated. Signs of mold and mildew are a musty smell , high humidity or discolouration on your walls. This is a warning sign there is to much moisture in your home. To avoid the build up of mold & mildew consider having our experts in to waterproof your basement.

Nasty smells

One problem created by a flooded basement are nasty smells and strong odors coming from places where water sat. The longer water sits the more likely it will start producing unwanted smells. Keeping a dry basement and crawlspace is the most effective way to stop bad odours from developing in your home.

Frozen drainage line

Living in Canada during the winter means we get extreme cold temperature. It’s possible you could end up with a frozen drainage line that will cause water to backup into the source. This can cause flooding in your home. Be prepared for winter with our basement waterproofing solutions. Ensuring a working sump pump throughout the entire year will prevent flooding any time. Summer or Winter let our experts update your basement to ensure a dry basement all year around.