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Alessio Serpan

Alessio SerpanTitle: System Design Specialist for Omni Basement Systems

Hometown: Hamilton, ON

Alessio has been an integral part of Omni Basement Systems since October 2013, beginning with the company as a Sales Representative, and after thorough training was quickly promoted to System Design Specialist. He brings with him 15 years experience as the owner/operator of an investment company and 10 years working alongside his wife in the renovation business, designing and project managing. This has given Alessio a unique understanding of return on investment when it comes to your home. Through training he has developed excellent troubleshooting abilities and can confidently design effective solutions for each of his customer's basements. Alessio is a trusted and valued member of the Omni Basement Systems team and upholds the companies standard of excellence. As a System Design Specialist he meets with potential clients and provides a complete inspection of their property so he can suggest the best solutions in order to fix and calm any worries they may have surrounding their basement. What he loves the most about working for Omni is being able to use his knowledge and experience in renovations to solve any possible basement issue.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family as well as getting into a good book. Alessio’s favourite memory at Omni has been making sure that he was able to help provide a family in special need with the proper work their basement needed at no cost.

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“Alessio was awesome- very friendly, honest, and respectful.”
- Paul B., Oakville

“Excellent staff- very professional and efficient."
 - Steve M., Oakville

“Alessio, just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the performance of the system you installed last year. Basement is perfectly dry, the sump pump after the spring melt was going off hourly and even in drier conditions about every two hours or so. Can just imagine how much water was building up along the outside of the foundation. Very pleased. We are moving in June to a 7 year old property that experienced a sump pump failure a month or so ago and the current owners are having the remediation completed as we speak. We have already scheduled an appointment with the local Omni people in Owen Sound to come by to quote on a triple safe system. Don’t want to risk a future flood.........thanks for your great work and service.”
- Steve M, Oakville

“This is D and K from tillsonburg Ontario we can not thank you enough for what you did for us!! Thank you so much really from our hearts to your family there really are good people out there !”
- David & Kathy, Tilsonburg

“We are very happy to have work done by your company and will refer to anyone!”
- Albert & Lydia, Burlington

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"Alessio solved our basement problems and recommended was was needed to stop any more water leaks and puddles."
- Robert & Cynthia, Hamilton

“The job was done on Friday and it rained all weekend. The sump pump was doing it's job and we would have had water in the basement. Thank you for the peace of mind we now have! Thanks again to Josh, Domici and Shae - great guys!“
- Wayne B, Burlington

“I contacted RCC same day I contacted Omni and got an email back saying they would contact me shortly to set up a visit from their expert to look at the work.I never got a call from them.Norm did a great job on the repair and Allessio was extremely knowledgable and polite I would call Omni again as I got prompt and expert service”
- Sid J, Hamilton

“We received a direct mailing flyer shortly after we moved in 3 years ago, and Omni was the only contractors to return our call and take our requests for service seriously. We had a great experience with our sales rep then and were able to break up the basement job into affordable parts in order of importance. We started with a smart jack system, and had the stone foundation parged by Alessio's recommendation. Now that Hamilton, and specifically our area, has started to gentrify, more companies are interested in offering services but I really appreciated that Omni was at the forefront of that change and did not pass judgement on us for having a modest budget. Even with Kyle as our new sales rep, he has offered us several options that could be broken into affordable and manageable parts.”
- Monica M., Hamilton